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  • ​I’m ranked 38th in the world. I’m 6th in the US. If I get better, I make the US Olympic Team. ​I get to the meet and have the worst big meet of my life. A year later I begin my training under David Marsh.
  •           ​ “Dax. You don’t know how to swim.”
  • ​How does that happen? How did I fall through the cracks? How did no one else in my life not see this and help me?
  • ​Betrayal is what I felt instantly.
  • ​Then sadness.
  • ​            “Who else fell through the cracks that was talented?”
  • ​            “Who was unskilled who didn’t get the chance to show they were talented?”
  • ​And Reykli was incepted.
  • ​The goal of Reykli Products and Services:
  • ​To address the development needs of athletes with elite-level solutions. By equipping them with elite skills, and elite contingency skills, athletes will be able to reach their genetic ability ceiling. And be able to discover and showcase what they are fully capable of achieving.
  • ​​Products and Services
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  • ​    ​ Free Downloads
  • ​​1on1 Private Instruction
  •      ​​2-Session Bundle: 1-Hour Sessions
  • ​​​​     6-Session Bundle: 1-Hour Sessions
  • ​​Club Team Consulting
  •      ​​Club Optimization Consultant
  •      ​​Stroke Development Consultant
  •      ​​Community outreach/Club Growth Consultant
  • ​​Online Products & Services
  • ​​     Stroke & Skill Development Courses & Bundles
  •      ​​Video & Race Analysis

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